St Agostino of Ippona

The Farnesiana, the area where the farm house is located, is also famous for having hosted for a period of his life, St. Augustine of Hippo, one of the fathers of the church. Here Augustine set his hermitage, the ancient religious settlement of the Trinity at Allumiere, where he wrote “De Trinitate”. In the bay that today is named after the saint, called “St. Augustine”, it would have taken place the encounter with an angel who, in the guise of achild, would have brightened the thought of Augustine as he meditated on the greatness of God. It is said that Augustine, walking by the sea and meditating on the divine mysteries, would meet a child intent on putting seawater into a hole. When Augustine asked the reason of that gesture, the boy replied that he wanted to put the whole sea into a hole; by that answer Augustine understood that it was impossible for the human mind to understand the greatness of God.

Madonnina of Pantano.

Just beyond the resort of St. Augustine, there is the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Pantano, who became famous in 1996 for the lachrimation of a statue of the Madonna of Medjugorje, located in the garden of a house near the church. The sanctuary is now a place of pilgrimage.