Cerveteri and Santa Severa

It’s 30 minutes’ drive from the Farm house to Cerveteri and to the Etruscan necropolis of Banditaccia, recognized by Unesco. Here you can walk through the monumental Etruscan mounds, arranged according to the urban schemes of an ancient Etruscan city. You would never know you are in a cemetery, but you’ll feel like to be in a real ancient city. Today in Cerveteri, in addition to the classic circuit of the state visit, where you can see the mounds of the Capitals,of the Colonel, of the Hut and the famous tomb of the Reliefs, you can benefit from new routes recently made, such as that of the tombs of the Townhall and large orientalizing mounds. A mention deserves the innovative multimedia itinerary: within some mounds you can enjoy a real video projection and holograms that will tell you, with the voice of Piero Angela, life and customs of the Etruscans of Cerveteri.

Always in Cerveteri it deserves a visit the National Archaeological Museum, with its rich collections of Etruscan pottery; the visit is facilitated by the presence of some multimedia equipment of the latest design.

It takes only twenty minutes by car to reach the Castle of S. Severa, which is by the sea, within which is housed the Museum of Ancient Navigation.


It’s just thirty minutes’drive from the Farm house. Do not miss the trek inside the archeological and natural park of Vulci, a jorney of a few hours that will immerse you in the Maremma landscape, walking along the original roads of the ancient Etruscan town, the ruins of temples and public buildings, among Maremma cows grazing and necropolis as far as the medieval castle of the Abbey with the monumental ancient bridge on the river Fiora. The castle houses the National Archaeological Museum.

La Tuscia

A little further away are worth mentioning some centres in the surroundings of Viterbo. Apart from the same Viterbo, with its picturesque Old Town, the Palace of the Popes and the medieval quarter of San Pellegrino, certainly interesting are the centres of Tuscania, famous for its Romanesque churches, of Bagnoregio, the dying city hoisted on a high cliff of Bolsena, located on the banks of the lake with the same name.

Do not miss Villa Farnese in Caprarola, Bagnaia and the small towns of the ancient Duchy of Castro such as Acquapendente, Valentano, Capodimonte, Marta, Canino, Ischia and Farnese.

Tolfa mountains

Another route between nature and good taste is that of Tolfa mountains. At Allumiere, a village near Tolfa, you can visit the interesting little Museum which houses prehistoric remains, including the remains of an ancient elephant found right at the Farnesiana. At Tolfa you can see the village and the castle, in addition to the gardens of the Town Hall. Do not miss some summer events such as Tolfarte and Tolfa in Jazz.